A&E Biography

Biography is a U.S. documentary television series and media franchise created in the 1960s by David Wolper and owned by A&E Networks since 1987. Each episode depicts the life of a notable person with narration, on-camera interviews, photographs, and stock footage.
Jerry Springer
Donald Trump
Roy Rogers
Mickey Rooney
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Charles Manson
Joseph Stalin
Abbott & Costello
Jim Carrey
Carmen Miranda
Shirley Temple
Bridgett Bardot
Annette Funicello
Mahatma Gandhi
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Audrey Hepburn
Vincent Price
Benito Mussolini
Katharine Hepburn
Frank Sinatra
Angela Lansbury
Loretta Young
Tennessee Williams
The Osmands
Grace Kelly
Dorothy Dandridge
Hank Williams
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