Touch of Larceny

The Ann Sothern Show (1959-1961)

The Ann Sothern Show was an American sitcom starring Ann Sothern that aired on CBS for 93 episodes. The series was Sothern's second sitcom for CBS. Her first series, Private Secretary, ended in 1957 after a contract dispute occurred between Sothern and Secretary's producer. Several of Private Secretary's cast members appeared in the show. Katy O'Connor is the assistant manager of the Bartley House Hotel in New York City working for James Devery (Don Porter). Katy's secretary, best friend and roommate is Olive Smith (Ann Tyrrell).
Touch of Larceny
Common Cents
Roman Hatter
Surprise Surprise
One for the Books

Season 3
Tooth for a Tooth
Loving Arms
The Girls

Go-Go Gordon
Hasta Luego
Secret Admirer
Setting the Date
The Wedding
The Beginning
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