Battlebots: Matches!

The television show BattleBots aired on the American cable network Comedy Central for five seasons, covering five BattleBots tournaments. The first season aired starting in August 2000, and the fifth season aired starting in August 2002. After five 'seasons', Comedy Central terminated their contract with BattleBots Inc. in late 2002.
Heavy Weight Rumble
Warhead vs Nightmare
Warhead vs Darkstar
Minion vs World Peace
Ankle Biter vs El Diablo
Mauler vs Nightmare
Ziggo vs Wacker
Gray Matter vs Revision Z
Blade Runner vs The Master
Vlad the Impaler vs Tazbot
Tazbot vs Silverback
Toro vs Little Blue Engine
Biohazard vs Voltronic
Blendo vs DoMore

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