Episode 2: Getting Settled

The Beverly Hillbillies

Ep 1: The Clampetts Strike Oil
Ep 2: Getting Settled
Ep 3: Grannie's Garden
Ep 4: The Clampetts meet Mrs. Drysdale
Ep 5: Jed Buys Stock
Ep 6: Trick or Treat
Ep 7: The Servants
Ep 8: Jethro Goes to School
Ep 9: Elly's First Date

Ep 10: Pygmalion and Elly
Ep 11: Elly Races Jethrine
Ep 12: The Great Feud.
Ep 13: Home for Christmas
Ep 14: No Place Like Home
Ep 15: Jed Rescues Pearl
Ep 16: Back to Californy
Ep 17: Jed's Dilemma

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