Jed Pays His Income Tax

The Beverly Hillbillies

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Ep 18: Jed Saves the Drysdales' Marriage
Ep 19 Elly's Animals
Ep 20: Jed Throws a Wing Ding
Ep 21: Jed Plays Soloman
Ep 22: Duke Steals a Wife
Ep 24: Jed Becomes a Banker
Ep 25: The Family Tree
Ep 26: Jed Cuts the Family Tree
Ep 27: Granny's Spring Tonic
Ep 28: Jed Pays His Income Tax

Ep 29: The Clampetts and the Dodgers
Ep 30: Duke Becomes a Father
Ep 31: The Clampetts Entertain
Ep 32: The Clampetts in Court
Ep 33: The Clampetts get Psychoanalyzed
Ep 34: The Psychoatrist gets Clampetted
Ep 35: Elly Becomes a Secretary
Ep 36: Jethro's Friend

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