Jed Gets the Misery

The Beverly Hillbillies

Still More episodes!

Ep 37: Jed Gets the Misery
Ep 38: Hair Raising Holiday
Ep 41: The Clampett Look
Ep 42: Jethro's First Love
Ep 43: Chickadee Returns
Ep 44: The Clampetts are Overdrawn
Ep 45: The Clampetts Go Hollywood

Ep 46: Turkey Day
Ep 47: The Garden Party
Ep 48: Elly Needs a Maw
Ep 49: The Clampetts get Culture
Ep 50: Christmas at the Clampetts
Ep 52: The Giant Jackrabbit
Ep 53: The Girl From Home
Ep 55: The Race for the Queen

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