Meet Boston Blackie (1941)

Boston Blackie Films

Columbia Pictures revived the Boston Blackie property in 1941 with Meet Boston Blackie, a fast, 58-minute "B" feature starring Chester Morris. Although the running time was brief, Columbia gave the picture good production values and an imaginative director (Robert Florey). The film was successful, and a series followed. Altogether 14 films were made. Thirteen of them are here. The fourteenth - The Phantom Thief (1946) is still under copyright. It can be viewed on YouTube for $2.99.
Meet Boston Blackie (1941)
Confessions of Boston Blackie (1941)
Alias Boston Blackie (1942)
Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood (1942)
After Midnight w/ Boston Blackie (1943)
Chance of a Lifetime (1943)
One Mysterious Night (1944)
Blackie Booked on Suspicion (1945)
Boston Blackie's Rendezvous (1945)
Close Call for Boston Blackie (1946)
Boston Blackie and the Law (1946)
Blackie's Chinese Venture (1949)
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