The Buick Berle Show with guest Mickey Rooney (1954)

Texaco Star Theater/The Buick Berle Show/Milton Berle Show

Texaco Star Theater is an American comedy-variety show, broadcast on radio from 1938 to 1949 and telecast from 1948 to 1956. It was one of the first successful examples of American television broadcasting, remembered as the show that gave Milton Berle the nickname "Mr. Television". Texaco dropped its sponsorship of the show and Buick became the new sponsor in 1953, prompting the show's name change to The Buick-Berle Show. Two years later, it became, simply, The Milton Berle Show, its title until its run ended at last in June 1956.
Texaco Star Theater with Milton Berle (1953)
Buick Berle Show with Peter Lawford (1953)
Buick Berle Show with Jackie Cooper (1953)
Buick Berle Show with Mickey Rooney (1954)
Milton Berle Show (3/13/56)
Milton Berle Show (4/3/56)
Milton Berle Show (5/8/56)

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