Not Married to George

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George Burns & Gracie Allen

When The Burns and Allen Show began on CBS on October 12, 1950, it was an immediate success. The show was originally staged live before a studio audience. The show was later shot without a live audience, however, each installment would be screened before an audience to provide live responses prior to the episodes being broadcast.
Dating a Married Woman
Uncle Clyde Visits
Harry Morton in Love
Mortons Moving Away
Not Married to George
Tax Refund
Cigarette Girl
Gracie on Train
The Burgler
A Ranch for George
George in the Army
Car Stolen
College Boy's Mother
Buying a Mountain Cabin
Spanish Lessons
Cleaning Woman
Missing Persons Bureau
Surprise Party
Perry & Pete
Picture Without George
Trip East
Sell George's Car
Gracie Sees a Hold-Up
Locked Out of the House
The Department Store
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