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George Burns & Gracie Allen

When The Burns and Allen Show began on CBS on October 12, 1950, it was an immediate success. The show was originally staged live before a studio audience. The show was later shot without a live audience, however, each installment would be screened before an audience to provide live responses prior to the episodes being broadcast.
Married Woman
Uncle Clyde Visits
Harry Morton in Love
Mortons Moving Away
Not Married to George
Tax Refund
Cigarette Girl
Gracie on Train
Swamp Party
The Burgler
A Ranch for George
George in the Army
Car Stolen
New Car
College Boy's Mother
Buying a Mountain Cabin
Fur Stole
Spanish Lessons
Cleaning Woman
Girlfriend Between Trains
Lectures at UCLA
Missing Persons Bureau
Surprise Party
Perry & Pete
Picture Without George
Trip East
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