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George Burns & Gracie Allen

When The Burns and Allen Show began on CBS on October 12, 1950, it was an immediate success. The show was originally staged live before a studio audience. The show was later shot without a live audience, however, each installment would be screened before an audience to provide live responses prior to the episodes being broadcast.
Morton Is Missing
The Psychiatrist
Old Boy Friend
The Old Grads
Burns & Allen Story
An Elephant Sits
George's Black Eye
Dolores De Marco
Black Negligee
Mystery Anniversary
Insurance Examination
One Week to Live
Old Movies
Gracie for City Council
Vanderlip's Elopement
Choosing Movie
Gracie Buys a Toaster
Exchange Houses
Season 5
First Show of Season
Do It Yourself Show
Gracie Gives a Wedding
The Baby Shower
Auto License Bureau
Moving to New York?
Missing Ruby Clip
Saving Blanche's Marriage
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