The Fortune Teller

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George Burns & Gracie Allen

When The Burns and Allen Show began on CBS on October 12, 1950, it was an immediate success. The show was originally staged live before a studio audience. The show was later shot without a live audience, however, each installment would be screened before an audience to provide live responses prior to the episodes being broadcast.
Bob Cummings Guests
Mother-in-Law Trouble
Friar's Club Dinner
A Valet for George
The Parakeet
Blanche's Brother Visits
George's Next Wife
The Safecracker
Problem Clinic
The House Painted
Gracie the Talent Scout
Day at the Beach
Criminal Record
Roger's Amnesia
Season 6
Ronnie Arrives
Gracie Helps Lola
George the Dictator
Gracie Pawns Her Ring
George Goes Skiing
Politeness Never Pays
George Needs Glasses
Night of Vaudeville
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