Here Comes Cookie (1935)

Burns & Allen Films and Shorts

Burns and Allen was an American comedy duo consisting of George Burns and his wife, Gracie Allen. They worked together as a successful comedy team that entertained vaudeville, film, radio, and television audiences for over forty years. The duo met in 1922 and married in 1926. Burns was the straight man and Allen was a silly, addle-headed woman. The duo starred in a number of movies, and many theatrical shorts. Here are some of them.
Feature Films
Here Comes Cookie (1935)
College Holiday (1936)

Fit to Be Tied (1930)
Oh my Operation (1931)

Pulling a Bone (1931)
The Antique Shop (1931)
Once Over, Light (1931)
100% Service (1931)
Your Hat (1932)
The Babbling Book (1932)
Walking the Baby (1933)
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