Murder By Radiation

Captain Midnight (1954-1955)

The Captain Midnight TV series (aka Jet Jackson), produced by Screen Gems and starring Richard Webb, began September 9, 1954, on CBS, continuing for 39 episodes until January 21, 1956. When the TV series went into syndication in 1958, Ovaltine was no longer the sponsor but owned the rights to the character's name "Captain Midnight", forcing a title change from Captain Midnight to Jet Jackson, Flying Commando, and all references in the episodes to Captain Midnight were redubbed "Jet Jackson".
Season 1
Murder By Radiation
The Electronic Killer
Deadly Diamonds
Death Below Zero
Trapped Behind Bars
The Walking Ghost
The Isle Of Mystery
Curse Of The Pharaohs
The Deserters
The Electrified Man
The Deadly Project
Mark Of Death
Arctic Avalanche
Invisible Terror
Saboteurs Of The Sky
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