The Lively Ghost

Colonel March of Scotland Yard (1956)

Colonel March of Scotland Yard was a 1950s British television series based on author John Dickson Carr's (aka Carter Dickson) fictional detective Colonel March from his book The Department of Queer Complaints (1940). The show starred Boris Karloff as the urbane, eye-patched sleuth. Other regulars included Ewan Roberts as Inspector Ames of Scotland Yard and Eric Pohlmann as Inspector Goron of the Paris Sûreté. This library contains all but one episode of the series.
The Silent Vow
The Other Monkey
The Stolen Crime
The Silver Curtain
Error at Daybreak
Hot Money
The Missing Link
Misguided Missal
The Deadly Gift
The Lively Ghost
The Dressing Room
New Invisible Man
Passage at Arms
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