Meet Corliss Archer

30 minute syndicated American television comedy series of 39 episodes which aired in 1955 and starred Ann Baker as Corliss. Corliss Archer is a cute, lovable, blond teenager that must delicately balance her life at high school, life at home with her parents - Harry and Janet Archer, as well as her goofy boyfriend Dexter Franklin.
A Date for Doris
Harry's Cold
The Best Policy
Dexter the Helper
Dexter's Job
Fortune Teller
Harry the Dictator
The Algebra Problem
Dexter Becomes a Man
Corliss the Cheerleader
The Archers get a Maid
Harry, Child Psychiatrist
Dexter's Masquerade Costume
The Vase that Came for Dinner
Harry & the Soap Opera Queen

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