The Boatbuilders

Meet Corliss Archer

30 minute syndicated American television comedy series of 39 episodes which aired in 1955 and starred Ann Baker as Corliss. Corliss Archer is a cute, lovable, blond teenager that must delicately balance her life at high school, life at home with her parents - Harry and Janet Archer, as well as her goofy boyfriend Dexter Franklin.
The New Neighbors
Harry & the Soap Opera Queen
A Date for Doris
The Boat Builders
Miffy's Overnight Painting
The Pain in the Neck
President of the Garden Club
The Fortune Teller
Harry the Dictator
Harry Gives Advice
Dexter Borrows Harry's Car
Harry the Photographer
The Personality Test
Janet Goes to College
How To Handle Women
The Christmas Story
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