A Very Dangerous Game

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Secret Agent (aka Danger Man)

John Drake was a special operative for NATO, specializing in security assignments against any subversive element that threatened world peace. Two years after the end of the original Danger Man series it was revived and retitled for release in the US to the well known spy drama series, Secret Agent. Stars: Patrick McGoohan, Richard Wattis and Lionel Murton. The entire series is here.
Season 3
Not in Any Trouble?
Black Book
Very Dangerous Game
Sting in the Tail
English Lady
Loyalty Always Pays
The Mercenaries
Judgement Day
The Outcast
More Permanent?
Too Our Best Friend
Man on the Beach
Say It with Flowers
Man Who Wouldn't Talk
Liable to Get Hurt
Dangerous Secret
Offer You Sherry
The Hunting Party
Two Birds
Wrong Number
Man With the Foot
The Paper Chase
Jolly Roger
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