Harry Belafonte

The Danny Kaye Show (1963-1967)

The Danny Kaye Show was an American variety show, hosted by the stage and screen star Danny Kaye. It premiered in black-and-white switching to color broadcasts in the fall of 1965. At the time, Kaye was at the height of his popularity. He starred in a string of successful 1940s and '50's musical comedy features, made numerous personal appearances at venues such as the London Palladium. These episodes are in chronological order - the show titles are based on the special guest for each episode.
Season 3
Harry Belafonte
Shirley Jones
Buddy Ebsen
Benny Goodman
Dinah Shore
Vincent Price
Liza Minelli
Chaim Topol
Edie Adams
Season 4
Andy Griffith
Ella Fitzgerald
Louis Armstrong
Petula Clark
Peter Ustinov
Roddy McDowall
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