Raid on the San Francisco Mint (1965)

Death Valley Days

Death Valley Days featured stories of the old American West, primarily the Death Valley, California area. It began as a radio drama, which ran from 1930 until 1945. When it came to television, on March 1st, 1952, it became the longest running, most successful syndicated Western series ever, running to 558 episodes before ending on August 1st, 1975. The stories used in the series were based on actual events.
Raid on the San Francisco Mint (1965)
The Traveling Trees (1965)
West's Biggest Train Holdup (1965)
Mrs. Romney and the Outlaws (1965)
Battle of San Francisco Bay (1965)
Wooing of Perilous Pauline (1965)
Kate Melville and the Law (1965)
The Book (1965)
Temporary Warden (1965)
Devil's Gate (1965)
The Great Turkey War (1965)
Dry Water Sailors (1965)
Death in the Desert (1965)
The Race at Cherry Creek (1965)
A Picture of a Lady (1965)
The Kid from Hell's Kitchen (1966)
Day All Marriages Were Cancelled (1966)
The Fastest Nun in the West (1966)
The Lone Grave (1967)
Shanghai Kelly's Birthday Party (1967)

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