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Dennis the Menace (1959–1963)

The Comic misadventures of television's most well-meaning but misguided boy are back! The lovable Dennis Mitchell left a trail of chaos throughout his suburban neighborhood, yet managed to pry his way into the hearts of millions from week to week. All of these episodes except eleven of them are from Hulu - sorry about the commercials.
Dennis' Penny Collection
The Campaign Manager
Miss Cathcart's Friend
Wilson Sleeps Over

Season 3
Trouble from Mars
Best Neighbor

Keep off the Grass
Mr. Wilson's Safe
Haunted House
The School Play
50,000th Customer
The Pee Wee League
Mr. Wilson's Inheritance
Dennis Is a Genius
The Lucky Piece
15 Ft. Christmas Tree
Dennis' Bank Account
Thick and Thin
Calling All Bird Lovers
Silence Is Golden
Dennis Has a Fling
Frog Jumping Contest
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