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Dennis the Menace (1959–1963)

The Comic misadventures of television's most well-meaning but misguided boy are back! The lovable Dennis Mitchell left a trail of chaos throughout his suburban neighborhood, yet managed to pry his way into the hearts of millions from week to week. All of these episodes except eleven of them are from Hulu - sorry about the commercials.
Dennis' Penny Collection
The Campaign Manager
Miss Cathcart's Friend
Pythias Was a Piker
The Saxophone
Wilson Sleeps Over
Dennis’ Birthday
Dennis Goes to Camp
Dennis’ Tool Chest
Going Away Gift
The Fishing Rod
The Good Example
Dennis’ Obligation
The Dog Trainer
Spare That Tree
The Boy Wonder
The Soapbox Derby
The Camera
Miracle Plant Food
Dennis’ Newspaper
Wilson’s Paradise
The Fortune Cookie
The Pioneers
Father’s Day
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