The Dick Cavett Show (1969-1992)

The late-night talk show that ran opposite NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Cavett took the time slot over from Joey Bishop. While Cavett and Carson shared many of the same guests, Cavett was receptive to rock and roll artists to a degree unusual at the time, as well as authors, politicians, and others outside the entertainment field. Many of these episodes have very limited information avalable - so the summaries tend to be short, although a few are more complete.
Gloria Swanson
Groucho Marx (1969)
Paul Newman (1970)
Debbie Reynolds (1970)
Orson Welles (1070)
Liza Minnelli (1970)
Charlton Heston (1970)
John Lennon (1971)
Woody Allen (1971)
Bette Davis (1971)
George Harrison (1971)
Mick Jagger (1972)
The Rolling Stones (1972)
Alfred Hitchcock (1972)
Jimmy Hoffa (1973)
Marlon Brando (1973)
Muhammad Ali (1974)
Dick Van Dyke (1974)
Slydini (1977)
Robin Williams (1979)
Henry Kissinger (1979
Stephen King (1980)
Richard Pryor (1985)
More to come!

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