A Story of Dogs

Disneyland (Walt Disney Presents)

The series premiered on ABC, Wednesday night, October 27, 1954. The same basic show has since appeared on several networks, with its latest revival debuting in 2012 on Disney Junior. The show is the second longest showing prime-time program on American television, behind its rival, Hallmark Hall of Fame. However, Hallmark Hall of Fame was a weekly program only during its first five seasons, while Disney remained a weekly program for more than forty years. Note: Most of these are full episodes - some are excerpts.
So Dear to My Heart
A Story of Dogs
Park Progress Report
Man in Space
The Pre-Opening Report
The Silly Symphony Story
Man and the Moon
Day in the Life of Donald
Where Stories Come From
Great Cat Family
Our Friend the Atom
More Silly Symphony
Mars and Beyond
The Magic Kingdom
Tales on a Mouse
Adventure in Art
Magic Highway
Nine Lives of Elfego Baca
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