The Best Dressed Man

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The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (1959–1963)

Dobie Gillis is an average teenager living in average Central City with an average desire--girls! He lusts after many nubile women, notably Thalia Menninger. Rivals for affection include rich playboys Milton Armitage and Chatsworth Osborne, Jr. Dobie is fortunate to have loyal friends--beatnik Maynard G. Krebs and super-intelligent Zelda Gilroy, who knows Dobie is meant for herself one day.
Season 1
Caper at the Bijou
The Best Dressed Man
Love Is a Science
The Right Triangle
Greater Love
The Old Goat
Dobie Gillis, Boy Actor
Deck the Halls
The Hunger Strike
Room at the Bottom
Power of Positive Thinking
Dobie Spreads a Rumor
Taken to the Cleaners
Prettiest Collateral
Live Alone And Like It
Soup and Fish
Where There's a Will
The Life of Trade
French Are a Funny Race
A Taste for Lobster
Rock-A-Bye Dobie
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