Flash Gordon TV Series (1954)

The Breath of Death (1954) - Intergalactic super-hero Flash Gordon teams up with the brilliant Dr. Zharkov and the lovely Dale Arden to fight evil-doers wherever they are. They take on androids, death rays, and nasty arch-criminals bent on taking over the world. Have no fear, Flash is here! In this episode Dale is sent to a prison world to repair the machinery used to create oxygen, without which not only the ruthless prisoners, but the warden and his guards would soon perish. Flaggert, the most notorious murderer in the galaxy manages to break out of his cell and hides on Flash Gordon's spaceship in order to make good his escape and have his revenge on the man who sent him to prison in the first place. - Aired: 11/26/1954 - Season 1, Episode 8

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