Flash Gordon TV Series (1954)

The Race Against Time (1954) - Intergalactic super-hero Flash Gordon teams up with the brilliant Dr. Zharkov and the lovely Dale Arden to fight evil-doers wherever they are. They take on androids, death rays, and nasty arch-criminals bent on taking over the world. Have no fear, Flash is here! In this episode there is to be a crucial vote on Mars to decide if the Galaxy Bureau of Investigation will continue. Flash, Dale and Zarkov have a stake in this because they work for the G.B.I. But three criminals, who don't want Commander Richards to get there in time to cast Earth's deciding vote, use a ray machine to force the Skyflash to make an emergency landing on planetoid Epsilon 30. - Aired: 02/25/1955 - Season 1, Episode 19

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