Four Star Playhouse

The Stacked Deck - Season 4, Episode 37 - 28 Jun. 1956 - An episode of "Four Star Playhouse" featuring Dick Powell, one of several in which he played the character "Dante", a nightclub owner - Fresh out of prison, blackmailer Gus Anderson intends to use Willie's casino to launder his victims' money. To insure his cooperation, Gus' thugs are holding one of Willie's waiters hostage. Glamorous singer Betty Maxwell shows up at Dante's, as scheduled, to lose at blackjack and avoid having a risqué photo of her mailed to the tabloids. Knowing that Lt. Waldo will but his casino yet again, Willie invites to cop over to watch Gus violate his parole. Also stars: Shirley Patterson and Regis Toomey.

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