The Boilat-Fiaschetti case (1954)

NOTE: If you decide to download any of these files, you will notice that the first ten episodes listed here take you too the same page on That is because all ten episodes were loaded by the original collector as one block to be shown in a continuous stream. I have separated the streams out into individual episodes for viewing here. The ten individual files are all available on that single page.

Gang Busters

The format of the series were action-packed stories on the apprehension of major criminals, taken from actual police and FBI files. The stories were presented in semi-documentary style. There was no continuing cast, but creator and writer Phillips H. Lord narrated each show.
The Boilat-Fiaschetti Case
The Dennis Case
The Dillenger Case
The Noble Case
The Karpis Case
The Mendoro Case
The O'Dell Griffin Case
The Phantom Case
The Unholy Three Case
The Van Meter Case
The Bayless Case
The Scissors Gang

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