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Green Acres (1965–1971)

A New York attorney and his wife try to live as genteel farmers in the bizarre community of Hooterville. Stars: Eddie Albert, Eva Gabor and Tom Lester. Some of these episodes are from Daily Motion - sorry about the commercials.
Season 3
Man for the Job
Love Comes to Arnold
The Phone Company
Oliver Takes Over
A Kind Word
Count Your Tomatoes
Eb Elopes
The Thing
Das Lumpen
Won't You Come Home
Jealousy, English Style
Haney's New Image
Alf and Ralph Break Up
No Trespassing
Eb Returns
Not Guilty
Run Away From Home
How to Succeed
Arnold, Boy Hero
Flight to Nowhere
My Mother, the Countess
The Spring Festival
Our Son, the Barber
Oliver's Jaded Past
The Rutabaga Story
Instant Family
Star Named Arnold P1
Star Named Arnold P2
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