The Statue of San Sebastian

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Have Gun - Will Travel (1957–1963)

Professional gunfighter Paladin, a West Point graduate who, after the Civil War, settled into a San Francisco hotel where he awaited responses to his business card reading: "Have Gun, Will Travel ... Wire Paladin, San Francisco."
Note: Many of the episode numbers shown in the video windows are incorrect.
The Prize Fight Story
Three Sons
Return of Dr. Thackeray
Silver Convoy
San Sebastian
Season 2
Man Who Wouldn't Talk
Hanging of Roy Carter
Duel at Florence
The Lady
Ballad of Oscar Wilde
Solid Gold Patrol
The Wager
The Taffeta Mayor
Treasure Trail
Return of the Lady
Monster of Moon Ridge
Maggie O'Bannion
The Chase
The Man Who Lost
Return of Roy Carter
Sons of Aaron Murdock
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