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Hogan's Heroes (1965-1971)

Hogan's Heroes was set in a German prisoner of war (POW) camp during World War II. It ran on the CBS network. Bob Crane starred as Colonel Robert E. Hogan, co-ordinating an international crew of Allied prisoners running a Special Operations group from the camp. Werner Klemperer played Colonel Wilhelm Klink, the incompetent commandant of the camp, and John Banner was the inept sergeant-of-the-guard, Hans Schultz.
The Pizza Parlor
A Moving Story
Psychic Kommandant
The Prince
The Safecracker Suite
Better In Basic Black
The Assassin
Cupid Comes To S-13
The Flame Grows Higher
Permission to Escape

Season 2
Birthday Party
Tiger Hunt in Paris P1

Rise and fall
Short Fuse
Tiger Hunt in Paris
Real Adolph
Don't Forget
Klink's Rocket
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