The Educational Pursuit (1958)

The Johns Hopkins Science Review

The Johns Hopkins Science Review is a US television series about science that was produced at Johns Hopkins University from 1948-1955. Starting in 1950, the series aired on the DuMont Television Network until the network's demise in 1955. The series' creator was Lynn Poole, who wrote or co-wrote most of its episodes and acted as the on-camera host.
Don't Drink that Water (1951)
The Master Glass Blower (1951)
A Visit to Our Studio (1952)
The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge (1952)
Great Men of Science (1952)
Concrete with Muscles (1954)
Living Together (1954)
Jobs (1956)
The Educational Pursuit (1958)
Think and Answer (1958)
100 Gallons a Day (1959)
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