Mountain Lake

Learn to Draw with Jon Gnagy

Jon Gnagy (January 13, 1907 – March 7, 1981) was a self-taught artist most remembered for being America's original television art instructor, hosting You Are an Artist, which began on the NBC network. On May 16, 1946, Jon Gnagy was the first "act" on the first television program broadcast from the antenna atop the Empire State Building. Gnagy pioneered drawing on television in America from the early 1950s throughout the 1960s on his program, Learn to Draw, and his popular art kits are still available. These videos are viewed directly on YouTube via a new browser tab. To return to the Uncle Earl site, close the new tab.
Mountain Lake
Seaport Village
Snow Scene
Grist Mill
Old Oak Tree
Ocean Liner
Harbor Scene
Bucking Bronco
Canadian Geese
A Clowning
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