The Inheritance

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Lassie (1954-56) (aka Jeff's Collie)

Between 1954–1973, Lassie, the television series, was broadcast, with Lassie initially residing on a farm with a young male master. This version is from the original series, starring Tommy Rettig as Jeff Miller.
Season 1
The Inheritance
The Colt
The Gun
Mr. Peabody
The Convict
The Lion
Lassie's Pups
The Job
The Carnival
Sale of Lassie
The Rustlers
The Brat
The Fawn
Blind Soldier
The Cave
The Injury
The Well
The Snake
The Bear
Season 2
The Runt
The Kittens
The Dog Show
The Monster
The Witch
The Wild Duck
The Rival
The Newspaper
The Clown
The Twister
Gramps' Birthday
The Gypsies
The Gift
The Dog Catcher
The Trial
The Vistor
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