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Lassie (Season 5: 1958-59)

Between 1954–1973, Lassie, the television series, was broadcast, with Lassie initially residing on a farm with a young male master. This is the second version, starring Jon Provost as Timmy Martin and June Lockhart as his mother, Ruth. These episodes are from Hulu and all from the 5th season of the overall series in 1958-59. The date shown on the Hulu videos (1954) are not correct.
The Storm
The Teacher
The Owl
The Crash
The Rocking Chair
Fish out of Water
Our Gal
Lassie's Decision
The Egrets
The Archers
The Bundle from Britain
The Black Woods
The Raffle
The Christmas Story
The Ladybugs
Junior GIs
The Big Cat
The Tree
Timmy the Oil Millionaire
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