The Lawless Years (1959)

The Lawless Years is the first television crime drama set during the Roaring 20s, having predated ABC's far more successful The Untouchables with Robert Stack by six months. The 47-episode half-hour series aired nonconsecutively on NBC from April 16 to August 27, 1959, from October 1, 1959, to January 19, 1960, and, finally, from May 12 to September 22, 1961. It starred James Gregory as real-life NYPD Detective Barney Ruditsky, with Robert Karnes as Max, his associate.
The Nick Joseph Story
The Immigrant
The Jane Cooper Story
The Story of Cutie Jaffe
The Dutch Schultz Story
The Lion and the Mouse
No Fare
The Payoff
Marie Walters
The Story of Lucky Silva
The Morrison Story
The Poison Ivy Story
Joe Angelo
Triple Cross

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