Untouchables: 3000 Suspects (1960)

Other Leslie Nielsen TV Appearances

Nielsen's career began in dramatic roles on television during what is known as "Television's Golden Age", appearing in almost 50 live programs in 1950 alone. His distinctive voice narrated several documentaries and commercials but his early work as a dramatic actor was uneventful, although highly prolific! He hit his stride with comedy in later years and the rest is history.
Suspense: The Brush-Off (1950)
LO: Lost Will of Dr. Rant (1951)
TOT: Appointment on Mars (1952)
TOT: The Ghost Writer (1953)
TOT: Another Chance (1953)
Suspense: The Black Prophet (1953)
Studio 1: Dark Possession (1954)
AHP: $2,000,000 Defense (1958)
Untouchables: 3000 Suspects (1960)
Naked City: The Long Night
Thriller: The Twisted Image (1960)
AHH: The Magic Shop (1964)
WWW: Double-Edged Knife (1965)
Night Gallery (1971)
Evening at the Improv (1982)
Canadian TV Interview (1984)
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