Live from LaVal's #20

Live from LaVal's program taped on August 5, 1993 hosted by Earl Oliver and featuring Bonnieanne Boroson, Jon Black, and Deane Juhan with Gregg Norman.

Bonnieanne Boroson was a very popular songwriter throughout the 1990s in the San Francisco Bay area, and a powerful spokeswoman for feminist causes. The Back Hill Boys, Tony Bonviavanni and Brian Foster, performed a lively mix of bluegrass and Cajun style original music featuring sweet harmonies and fine instrumental interplay.

Deane Juhan was already considered as a legendary blues player in the San Francisco Bay area when this program was taped. Bassist, Gregg Norman, moved away to Las Vegas in the late 1990's and started a band there called "The Lounge Lizards" that eventually became one of the hottest acts on the Vegas strip.

This program also featured songwriter, Jon Black.

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