Mad TV (1995-2016)

Mad TV (stylized as MADtv) is an American comedy sketch television series originally inspired by Mad magazine. The show featured animated Spy vs. Spy and Don Martin cartoon shorts as well as images of Alfred E. Neuman in earlier seasons. Its first TV broadcast was on October 14, 1995. These videos are all courtesy of
CW Seed, contain commercials (sorry about that), and are auto-play. To watch these videos at the source, click on the CW Seed link above.
S12 Ep 11
S12 Ep 16
S12 Ep 17
S12 Ep 22
S13 Ep 8
S13 Ep 13
S13 Ep 14
S13 Ep 15
S14 Ep 6
S14 Ep 12
S14 Ep 14
S14 Ep 16
S14 Ep 17
S15 Ep 1: 20th Reunion
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