Chapter 1

Manhunt of Mystery Island (Serial 1945)

A mad genius seeks to conquer the world, using a Transformation Machine to disguise himself as "the legendary" pirate Captain Mephisto. To do so, he kidnaps Prof Forrest, resulting in his daughter Claire Forrest, with Lance Reardon, coming to the rescue.

Chapter 1: The Secret Weapon
Chapter 2: Satan's Web
Chapter 3: The Murder Machine
Chapter 4: The Lethal Chamber
Chapter 5: Mephisto's Mantrap
Chapter 6: Ocean Tomb
Chapter 7: The Death Drop
Chapter 8: Bombs Away

Chapter 9: The Fatal Flood
Chapter 10: The Sable Shroud
Chapter 11: Satan's Shadow
Chapter 12: Cauldren of Cremation
Chapter 13: Bridge to Eternity
Chapter 14: Power Dive to Doom
Chapter 15: Fatal Transformation

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