Mickey's Movies (1928)

Mickey McGuire

Mickey McGuire was an American comedy series of short subjects from 1927 to 1934. Produced by Larry Darmour, the series was notable for essentially launching the careers of Mickey Rooney and Billy Barty. The series was based on Fontaine Fox's popular comic strip series, Toonerville Trolley. In 1925 Fox placed a newspaper ad for a dark-haired child to play the role of "Mickey McGuire" in a series of short films. This ad attracted the attention of Mrs Nell Yule, the recently separated wife of vaudevillian Joseph Yule, who believed her son Joseph "Joe" Yule, Jr. (later known as Mickey Rooney) was right for the part.
Mickey's Movies (1928)
Mickey the Detective (1928)
Mickey's Great Idea (1929)
Mickey's Northwest Mounted (1929)
Mickey's Explorers (1930)
Mickey's Luck (1930)
Mickey's Helping Hand (1931)
Mickey's Stampede (1931)
Mickey's Race (1933)
Mickey's Medicine Man (1934)
Mickey the Great (1945)
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