Midas Mork

Mork & Mindy

In the fourth season, Mork and Mindy were married. Jonathan Winters, one of Williams' idols, was brought in as their child, Mearth. Because of the different Orkan physiology, Mork laid an egg, which grew and hatched into the much older Winters. It had been previously explained that Orkans aged "backwards", thus explaining Mearth's appearance and that of his teacher, Miss Geezba (portrayed by then 11-year-old actress Louanne Sirota).
Season Four
Metamorphosis, the TV Show
Drive, She Said
I Don't Remember Mama
Mork, Mindy and Mearth Meet MILT
Midas Mork
Cheerleader in Chains

Gotta Run Pt1
Gotta Run Pt2
Gotta Run Pt3
The Mork Report

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