Ed Gets Amnesia

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Mister Ed (1958-1966)

Mister Ed is a horse who is owned by Wilbur Post. Mister Ed is not just any horse, he talks to Wilbur! But this gets Wilbur in all kinds of trouble because Mister Ed won't talk to anyone else.
Season 3
Ed Gets Amnesia
The Good Samaritan
Ed in Show Biz
The Bashful Clipper
Ed and the Allergy
Horse Sense
The Lion's Den
Horse Party
Ed, the Pilgrim
Disappearing Horse
Ed and Paul Revere
Wilbur the Masher
A Different Color
Ed and the Bicycle
Ol' Rockin' Chair
Big Pine Lodge
Unemployment Show
Horse Talk
The Secret Service
Working Wives
Wilbur's Father
The Price of Apples
Ed the Zebra
Ed the Emancipator
Doctor Ed
The Blessed Event
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