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My Favorite Martian (1963–1966)

My Favorite Martian was an American television sitcom that aired on CBS for 107 episodes. The show starred Ray Walston as the Martian, and Bill Bixby as Tim O'Hara. A human-looking extraterrestrial in a one-man spaceship crash-lands near Los Angeles. The ship's pilot is, in fact, an anthropologist from Mars and is now stranded on Earth. These are from Hulu, sorry about the commercials.
Glocca Martin
Gesundheit, Martin
Martin Report #1
Identified Flying Object
Humbug, Mrs. Brown
Crash Diet
Not Forgotten
Stop or I'll Steam
Magnetic Personality
Uncle Baby
Martian Mother's Day
Martin's Bedtime Story
'006 3/4
Naked Martian
Martian's Fair Hobo
Sonata in Mrs. B's Flat
Green Eyed Martian
El Señor from Mars
Time Out for Martin
Portrait in Brown

Season 3
Go West P1
Go West P2
Martin of the Movies
The Church On Time
I'd Rather Fight

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