The San Francisco Story

My Little Margie

My Little Margie is an American situation comedy that alternated between CBS and NBC from 1952 to 1955. Set in New York City, the series stars Gale Storm as 21-year-old Margie Albright and former silent film star Charles Farrell as her widowed father, 50-year-old Vern Albright.
Corpus Delecti
Honeyboy Honeywell
Margie and the Shah
Margie's Millionth Member
Papa and Maboo
The Missing Link
Star of Khyber
The Hawaii Story
The San Francisco Story
The Unexpected Guest
Vern's Mother-in-Law
Margie and the Shah
What's Cooking?
Meet Mr. Murphy
Miss Whoozis
Margie Babysits

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