Come Honk Your Horn

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My Mother the Car

The show follows the exploits of attorney David Crabtree (played by Jerry Van Dyke), who, while shopping at a used car lot for a station wagon, instead purchases a dilapidated 1928 Porter touring car. Crabtree heard the car call his name in a woman's voice, which later turned out to be that of his deceased mother, Gladys (voiced by Ann Sothern). These episodes are from Hulu - sorry about the commercials...
Come Honk Your Horn
The De-Fenders
What Makes Auntie Freeze
Lassie, I Mean, Mother, Come
Burned at the Steak
I'm Through Being a Nice Guy
Lights, Camera, Mother
Captain Manzini Grand Prix
TV or Not TV
My Son, the Ventriloquist
My Son, The Judge
And Leave the Drive-In to Us
For Whom the Horn Honks
Hey Lady, Your Slip Isn't Showing
Many Happy No-Returns
Shine On, Shine On, Honeymoon

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