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My Mother the Car

The show follows the exploits of attorney David Crabtree (played by Jerry Van Dyke), who, while shopping at a used car lot for a station wagon to serve as a second family car, instead purchases a dilapidated 1928 Porter touring car. Crabtree heard the car call his name in a woman's voice, which later turned out to be that of his deceased mother, Gladys (voiced by Ann Sothern). These episodes are from Hulu - sorry about the commercials...
Mama, Why Can't You Remember?
The Incredible Shrinking Car
I'd Rather Do It Myself, Mother
You Can't Get There from Here
A Riddler on the Roof
My Son, the Criminal
An Unreasonable Facsimile
Over The Hill and To the Junkyard
It Might as Well be Spring as Not
Absorba, The Greek
The Blabbermouth
When You Wish Upon a Car
Desperate Minutes

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