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The Odd Couple (1974-1984)

The success of The Odd Couple film in 1968 was the basis for the 1970–75 ABC television sitcom, starring Tony Randall as Felix and Jack Klugman as Oscar. Klugman was familiar with the role as he had replaced Walter Matthau in the original Broadway run. Neil Simon originally disapproved of this adaptation, but by the series' final season, he reassessed the show positively to the point of appearing in a cameo role.
Security Arms
Speak for Yourself
Where's Grandpa?
Partner's Investment
Good, Bad Boy
A Night to Dismember
Oscar's Promotion
Psychic Shmycic

Season 3
Big Mouth
The Princess
The Pen is Mightier
First Commercial

The First Baby
The Odd Father
Sometimes a Great Ocean
The Hustler
My Strife in Court
Let's Make a Deal
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