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The Wrong Mrs.Boynton

Our Miss Brooks

Miss Brooks teaches English at Madison High, rents a room from Mrs. Davis, gets rides to school with student Walter, fights with Principal Conklin, and tries to snag shy biology teacher Boynton. Stars: Eve Arden, Gale Gordon, Jane Morgan
Trying to Pick a Fight
The Loaded Custodian
The Embezzled Dress
The Birthday Bag
The Wrong Mrs.Boynton
Living Statues
Madison Country Club
Mr. Whipple
The Big Game
Blue Goldfish
The Stolen Aerial
The Hobby Show
Christmas Show
The Pet Shop
The Hurricane
Monsieur LaBlanche
Old Marblehead
The Model Teacher
Wake-Up Plan
The Cafeteria Strike
Mister Casey
Conklin's Love Nest
The Honest Burglar
Fisher's Pawn Shop
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