The French Teacher

The Patty Duke Show (1963-1966)

The Patty Duke Show was an American sitcom that ran on ABC. The show was created as a vehicle for rising star Patty Duke. Patricia "Patty" Lane (Duke) is a normal, chatty, rambunctious teenager living in the Brooklyn Heights section of New York City. Her father, Martin Lane (William Schallert), is the managing editor of the New York Daily Chronicle. Her "identical cousin", Catherine "Cathy" Margaret Rowan Lane (also played by Duke), is sophisticated, brainy, and demure, and her father, Kenneth Lane (also played by Schallert), Martin's identical twin brother, also works for the Chronicle as a foreign correspondent.
The French Teacher
The Princess Cathy
Patty the Foster Mother
Little Brother is Watching You
Operation: Tonsils
Do a Brother a Favor
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